Sanoemon is long-established store for 14-generation

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Sweet potato's famous production area HOKOTA, Ibaraki pref.

 Sanoemon's sweet potatoes can now be ordered by name from markets throughout Japan.
Currently, Sanoemon is making 4 types of "Silk suites", "Beniharuka", "Aikomachi" and "Halloween suites". In order to find sweet potatoes that match this land, we also have a cute sweet potato that has been reached through trial and error.
The field of Sanoemon is a place where the Shiogiri(fog generated on the sea) of Kashima Pass can enter.
This mist will deliver a nutritious mineral and moderate salt content to sweet potatoes. It is a strange phenomenon because no tide is seen in the field just 1 km away.
Please enjoy the delicious and nutritious sweet potatoes brought up by Shiogiri.

Silk sweet

Silk sweet is attractive for its rich sweetness and silky smoothness.It's like a sweets! It is a popular new face varieties that can be expressed as mellow and gentle taste like potage.

Halloween sweet

Halloween sweet features a rich fragrance, high sugar content, and orange pulp. Beta carotene is 100 times larger than conventional varieties, especially recommended for women. Enjoy a refreshing sweetness, high nutritional value, a fruity taste that may be said to be a dried persimmon, and a new taste that is not on the market.


Beniharuka has a very high sugar content, and it is a sweet potate that has both "sweet" and "soft and flaky texture". A long-standing popular varieties, we have many orders in our shop.


Aikomachi has a good shape and color, and it becomes a baked potato with a firm and soft texture.The sweetness that has been aged makes sweet potatoes an irresistible taste. It also features a delicious “skin” that makes you want to eat. If you like the feeling of "soft and flaky texture", please come!

Direct sale place

JA Sun Green Asahi

Momiyama 602-6, Hokota city

JA HOKOTA Farmers’ Market NADARO

Iina 537-1, Hokota city

Oarai maiwai market

Higashi ibaraki-gun Oarai machi minato tyu-ou 11-2

JOYFUL HONDA, newport hitachinaka shop, gardening shop 
"Agricultural direct sale, JOY MARCHE"

Shinko-cyo 34-1, Hitachinaka city

If there is no direct sales place near you, please feel free to contact us

It is easy to eat if you divide it into bite-sized pieces and wrap it in plastic wrap.
Also, it is better to keep it in a frozen condition without breaking the skin, so you can keep the taste.

Defrosting method

A few hours before eating, sweet potate are removed from the freezer, transferred to the refrigerator and thawed.
Then re-wrap in aluminum foil and warm with a toaster.
When heated with a toaster, the moisture will let air out and become fragrant, so you can reproduce freshly baked sweet potates.

 Various ways to eat

 with Butter
with Butter and solt/ with Butter and pepper
with Cheese
with Mayonnaise 
with Maple syrope
with Ice cream 
with Coconute
with sweet beans (TSUBUAN)
with Brown sugar syrup
Once frozen and half-thawed sweet potatoes can be enjoyed deliciously like ice cream
Did you find your favorite way of eating?